Day Schools commence at 10.30am.

Feb. 24th 2018        Sheila Armstrong – ‘ Walk the Line ‘.

March 24th             Stitch Day – New techniques. 

April 28th               Maggie Smith – ‘ Painting Gardens with Stitch ‘.

June 23rd                Sheila Craig – ‘ Creative Patchwork ‘.

July 28th                 Sheila Greenhalgh – ‘ Goldwork ‘.

Aug. 18th                Social Afternoon.     1– 3.30 pm.

Sept. 22nd               Jane Rogers – ‘ Festive Beaded Fruit ‘.

Oct . 27th                    Deborah Cooper – ‘ Lines and Edges ‘.

Dec 8th                    Christmas Social afternoon. 1 – 4 pm

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On July 22nd, Jean Woodhouse, our Branch Secretary, gave a workshop entitled ‘Calico Treasure Book’.

The pages of the book could be used to display pieces of work from other workshops, or samples for a particular theme you’re working on.

The workshop was well-attended and everyone said how much they’d enjoyed it.

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In June, Nicky Dillerstone came to lead a workshop on ‘ Layered Printing ‘.

We made a collage using paper and fabric, scanned it and then printed it on to fabric which could then be stitched in whatever way we wanted.

How can you get your fabric through your printer ? – Make sure your piece of fabric is A4 size, then stick it on to an A4 sticky label. The firmness of the label will lead the fabric through your printer. Just peel it off afterwards.

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Sat. March 25th

10.30am – 3.30pm

We spent a day trying out some new techniques which could be used as a starting point for embroidery and embellishment.

The first was using gelli plates and acrylic paints, stamps, stencils, leaves and cut fruit and veg.

We were bound to get our hands covered in paint, but even those who aren’t used to messy , arty stuff were amazed at the results.


Then we had a go at colouring pages for a notebook.

We used wallpaper lining paper, torn roughly to size, and painted it with two colours from a Koh-i-Noor palette.

One sheet was piled on top of another while wet, and this would result in haphazard patterns as the paper dried.

Any spare small scraps could also be painted to decorate the pages.


But some people weren’t so keen on getting messy, so they sat quietly doing some needlefelting , using polystyrene shapes as a base.


It was a really productive day, and hopefully, everyone enjoyed it.

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Sat. February 25th

Sheila Greenhalgh showed us how to make a paperweight, using an upside down tealight holder as the base. This was covered with velvet and scrim, which was then embroidered and embellished.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop very much, saying that the tutor was first class.

She was very generous with her materials, and made sure that she paid attention to every stitcher.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, and we’re pleased to have booked Sheila for more workshops in the future.


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On Oct. 8th we were lucky to have a 1 day workshop with Isobel Hall.

Isobel likes to make her own materials which she colours and embellishes with embroidery.

In this case we were going to make a book with an embroidered  cover.

She showed us how to colour our special Kozo paper with encaustic wax and brusho.

We sealed the surface with either acrylic wax or Mod Podge.  Then we were to apply special inks to enrich the paper, and maybe more encaustic wax, possibly in gold or silver.

Here are some examples of our progress so far.


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There’s more to follow !