Day Schools commence at 10.30am.


Feb. 23rd         Crewel Work – Kay Allan

March 23rd     Stitch Day – new techniques

April 27th       Insertion Stitches – Christine Hutchinson

June 22nd          Fruit Basket Weaving – Christine White

July 27th          Silk Paper Making with Inclusions

                              – Wendy Ann Stanger

Aug 17th             Social Afternoon 1 – 4pm

Sept 28th         ‘ From Fragments to Flowers ‘

                              – Kate Slaughter

Dec. 7th         Christmas Social Afternoon 1 – 4pm

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Here are some samples of work from our recent workshop with

Deborah Cooper, entitled ‘ Lines and Edges ‘.



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In June, Sheila Craig led a workshop on creative Patchwork,  then in July, we enjoyed an excellent workshop on Goldwork, with Sheila Greenhalgh.

This was followed, in September, by another day with Jane Rodgers when we began our Christmas preparations by making ‘ Festive Fruit’.



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At the end of April, we enjoyed a one-day workshop with Maggie Hickman-Smith.

We took a close look at familiar garden flowers, grasses and trees , taking in their structure and colour.

Then we used commonly used stitches – French knots, bullion knots, cretan stitch, fly stitch among others – to interpret them.

Maggie’s samples were perfection, especially since they were beautifully mounted.

It was a very peaceful, relaxing day, enjoyed by everyone.

Hopefully there will be more to come.

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March 24th 2018

Our In-House workshop day of new Stitch Techniques.

The morning was spent doing the messy things.

First of all, Jean Woodhouse showed us how to make stamps from funky foam or string. We also made our own stencils from acetate, or paper or card. Jean had also brought lots of books to inspire us, such as Frances Pickering’s ‘ Under the Cover’ , and Ernest Haeckel’s ‘Art Forms in Nature ‘.

Some of these stencils and stamps were used in the next workshop which was led by Hazel McEwan.

Hazel showed us a Discharge technique on velvet, where bleach is painted on to a dark velvet, then left for a short while. When it’s dry, you can stitch into the velvet.






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We needed some quiet time after lunch, and it was time for some traditional stitching.

We learnt a little bit about the old technique of Insertion stitch from Christine Hutchinson.

We didn’t have a lot of time , so this was just a taster session where we learnt about joining separate pieces of fabric together.

We tacked our material to a strong paper background, to keep it steady and even. Then we used herringbone stitch to join two strips together.

Everyone soon got the hang of it, and seemed to enjoy it.

It’s a technique which has lots of possibilities, and might be worth exploring further in the future. Certainly food for thought.

Speaking of which, several ladies brought cakes and hot cross buns which added to the enjoyment of the day.

Here are some samples of Insertion Stitch.






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On July 22nd, Jean Woodhouse, our Branch Secretary, gave a workshop entitled ‘Calico Treasure Book’.

The pages of the book could be used to display pieces of work from other workshops, or samples for a particular theme you’re working on.

The workshop was well-attended and everyone said how much they’d enjoyed it.