Day Schools commence at 10.30am.


June 22nd          Fruit Basket Weaving – Christine White

July 27th          Silk Paper Making with Inclusions

                              – Wendy Ann Stanger

Aug 17th             Social Afternoon 1 – 4pm

Sept 28th         ‘ From Fragments to Flowers ‘

                              – Kate Slaughter

Dec. 7th         Christmas Social Afternoon 1 – 4pm

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Our July workshop was all about Fruit Basket Weaving , in which we used colourful nets , used in fruit packaging, as a base. We began to weave strips of fabric, ribbons, thick threads horizontally and vertically, until the net was covered. It can be embellished with more lovely threads, stitches, buttons and beads. At the moment, they’re works in progress ! Hopefully, you’ll see the finished work on display at a later meeting.

But for now, here is the work so far.

∼ ∼ ∼ ∼ ∼

You can see work in progress from our Insertion Stitches workshop here.

Years ago, this was a way to join pieces of fabric together , but making them decorative at the same time. Nowadays, they can be decorative in their own right.

We used blanket stitch and herringbone stitch , but there are many other possibilities , traditional and contemporary, which we didn’t have time to explore.


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