Congratulations to Sheila !

July was the month for our Members’ Competition.

For the first time, there was a bumper number of entries. It must be something to do with all the work that went into our Sapphire exhibition in June.

Everyone has a vote, and the winner was Sheila Armstrong, pictured on the left, alongside Jean Woodhouse, our secretary.

members choice

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At our AGM last September, we all agreed to hold our Beattie-Harper Competition in January, rather than September.

This prize requires a high standard of work, recently completed.

The theme for January 2017 is “Contrasts”.

Our first January winner is Marie Trippett, seen here on the left, holding her winning embroidery.


Marie has embroidered an amazing portrait, in black thread on a creamy white background.

It is based on a ‘drypoint’ technique portrait completed by her great-uncle many years ago.

Her stitching is incredible, of a very high standard. The sweater alone took one year to sew.

Many Congratulations to Marie.

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Our other competition, the Members’ Choice, can be much freer, in any technique and in any style, and will be judged by everyone present.

It will now take place in July rather than April.

We would like everyone to feel that they can put forward a piece of work for this.

Here is last year’s winner of the Members’ Choice – Deborah Cooper, on the right, 

holding her winning piece of work.