Recent Meetings

In September, we held our AGM.

We discussed our finances which, thanks to our conscientious treasurer, are beginning to look steady. We have tried very hard to be financially secure, and we are now seeing the results of our economies. Fortunately, we always have the valued support of our members.

We also talked about the success of our recent workshops.

Many of these have been led by our own talented members, and have been well attended. We hope this will continue.

We have 3 new committee members – Liz Grainger, Sue Bone and Carol Storey. They are all very talented, and I’m sure they’ll  have a positive impact on our Branch.

Our Chairman, Christine Hutchinson, stepped down from her role, and is replaced by Pat Sydor.

Here are some photos of the other entries in the Members Choice competition.

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On Saturday, July 21st, we had a packed house – again ! – made up from our own members, visitors from other EG groups and members of the public who had seen our publicity.

And we weren’t disappointed !


Bob talked about African beads, and how important they are for the survival of communities.

As you can imagine, there is no fancy technology here, and no state-of-the-art equipment.

They rely on a good supply of scrap glass, which is sometimes ground into powder. They have a simple mould , bead-size, which is filled with the powder then placed into the kiln, – a simple affair, more like a pizza oven, fuelled by any bits of wood and branches at hand. Don’t mention Health and Safety.

Green lager bottles and those beautiful Bombay Sapphire bottles make fabulous beads.

Sometimes, beer bottles are smashed and ground with a rock -not into powder, just tiny granules. After 8-10 minutes in the kiln, they’re ready. Later, they’ll be polished on rocks, with water.

Bob also showed us brass beads and plastic beads.

Magie and Bob had beautiful beads for sale as well as many other amazing items – baskets, fabrics , kits and threads.

We didn’t hold back when he had finished his talk, and it was time to shop.

I think everyone was fascinated by Bob’s talk, and we would definitely welcome them back to speak to us again.

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