Welcome to Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Embroiderers’ Guild

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in embroidery, you are very welcome to attend our meetings.

If you wish to learn, we will do what we can to help you.

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We held our AGM on Saturday , Sept. 21st.

It was a busy afternoon , and you can read more about it on our                      Recent Meetings page.  However, our Members’ Choice Competition deserves to be mentioned here on the front page.

The main part of the agenda was our annual Members’ Choice competition. We had more entries to choose from than in previous years, which was encouraging, and in a wide range of styles.


The winner was Sheila Armstrong , with this beautiful piece of embroidery.

You can see the other entries on our Competitions page.

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″ Images of Gateshead and Newcastle ″

Our  Exhibition at  Newcastle City Library 

has now ended.


If you weren’t able to get there to see it, turn to our Exhibitions page where you can see a slide show of all the work on show.

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We enjoyed an excellent talk by Wendy-Ann Stanger,  on the subject of Silk-Paper Making.

You can read more about it on our Recent Meetings page.

Have a look at our Facebook page to see photos of work produced at Wendy’s workshop.

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Have a look at our Workshops page to see the work in progress at our recent Fruit Basket Weaving workshop , led by Christine White.

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We held our Chairman’s Challenge competition in January.

The subject was “ An Art Nouveau Flower “.

And the winner was Carole Storey, on the right, holding her certificate.


Her embroidery was really beautiful.

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AGM, September 15th

At our recent AGM , we held our Members’ Choice competition . As usual, the entries were excellent and varied.

You can read about the winner, and see other competition entries on our Competitions page.

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Our AGM was followed swiftly by an appearance at St. Gabriel’s Arts Festival , Heaton at the end of the month.

All kinds of Arts and Crafts were on show here – printing, silversmithing, felting, woodturning, bookbinding, quilting as well as our embroidery.

It’s a good opportunity to talk to people and encourage new members.

Here are examples of work by our talented embroiderers.










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You can see some fabulous embroidery,  done on recent workshops with Sheila Craig,  Sheila Greenhalgh and Jane Rodgers on our Workshops page.

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Last Saturday, June 16th,  we held an Open Afternoon when we hoped to encourage new members, and to offer mini-workshops to our own members.

No one could resist buying tickets for our amazing tombola. Equally attractive was the cake sale.

If people weren’t chatting over their cup of tea, they were busy at one of the workshops, held by Kay, Carol, Jean and Deborah. They could learn about rust effects on fabric, stitching a garden, stitching on felt or making a beaded dreamcatcher.

It was a successful afternoon, and we were encouraged to hold more of these ‘ in-house ‘ sessions. They give people a chance to learn something new, and also to chat and get to know others in the group.

Here are some photos of recently completed embroidery on display at the Open Afternoon.













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Success at our In-House Workshop day in March !

A fantastic turn-out, and a really enjoyable day !

A few months ago, we put out a questionnaire to everyone in our group, asking what they want to gain from coming to our meetings.

They certainly wanted to learn new things, both contemporary and traditional. New techniques that would help to improve their stitching.

Saturday’s day of mini-workshops was in response to that. Each workshop was led by one of our own members.

You can read more about it, and see some photos on our Workshops page.

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Read about our May 26th meeting, when Cluny Chapman spoke to us about her Archaeological Inspirations on our Recent Meetings  page.

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These beautiful pieces of recently completed embroidery were on display at our April and May meetings.















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On Saturday, January 20th, we held our first meeting of 2018.

To celebrate the New Year, we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch.















But that’s not all ! –    We had a new competition entitled

The Chairman’s Challenge.   –   What can you do with an embroidery hoop ?

We were really pleased to see lots of entries – all so different.
















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I liked every piece of work which made it very difficult to decide on a winner.

I went back to the first one that had drawn my eye – an interpretation of trees, where the hoop itself became part of the work.



This meant that the winner was Carol Tarbit , seen here on the left, holding her Certificate, alongside Chairman Christine Hutchinson .


She was very pleased with her certificate and her prize, a planter of spring flowers.

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 We’ll be meeting on the first Thursday of  February,  the 1st,  @ The Biscuit Factory.

We’ll be there from 10-12 to chat, have a coffee and do some sewing.

This is open to everyone, not just Newcastle EG members.

We welcome anyone who is interested in embroidery.

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Our next main meeting will take place on Saturday, Feb.17th in St. Bartholomew’s Church hall.

Our visiting speaker is Ollie Burton who will be talking about ‘Art Nouveau’.

This is a really interesting subject for embroiderers, so we should find lots of inspiration for future work there.   Bring your notebooks.

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Find out more about what’s happening at our meetings on our Meetings page.

To find out about our Day Schools , click here.


What an amazing day we had on Saturday – our October Open Day !

We had so many visitors – the hall was full.

Everything was such a success – the cakes and scones, the enormous raffle, the traders, our ‘Eastern Inspiration’ exhibition.

There was a fantastic buzz in the air.

But the main reason for being there, the icing on the cake, was our two speakers, Pauline Burbidge and Sue Rangeley.

Pauline and Sue have so much in common, and yet their work is so different.

They have both spent their entire working lives involved in the world of textiles.

They have studied Art, and sketching plays an important part in the early stages of a new piece of work. This leads to displaying samples and mood boards in the studio.

They are both inspired by Nature.   Pauline walks daily in the countryside surrounding her home, taking note of the changes in the landscape.   Sue is inspired by her garden.

And yet, their work couldn’t be more different. Both amazing in their own way. Please look at them on their websites.

Both talks were so interesting. Everyone really enjoyed listening to them.

Please click on their names ( above ) in blue to find out more about them, and to look at their work.




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We’ve received many lovely comments about our exhibition at Newcastle City Library. Here are just a few of them :-

Wonderful display of work, and attention to detail. Well done everyone“.

Super exhibition, girls – loved it ! “

Congratulations to all members ! Great variety and imagination – here’s to the future of Newcastle Embroiderers’ Guild “.

Came across exhibition by chance – I think it’s wonderful, and thoroughly enjoyed taking in the colours and patterns. Such fantastic skills “.

Absolutely stunning! Incredible details. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you“.

Well impressed ! “

Congratulations all of you. A very interesting combination of varied techniques !  With envy, from a fellow embroiderer “.

Please have a look at the photos of our exhibition on our Exhibitions page.

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Here is our Birthday cake. It was delicious !


At our afternoon meeting on Saturday, everyone brought their work for our exhibition, “ Eastern Inspiration “.

It exceeded our expectations – there was so much to look at.   Everyone had worked so hard.

We invited former members and members from other North-East branches.

Our special visitor was Joy Bradshaw from Darlington, a former Regional Chairman and a fountain of knowledge about the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Our main guest was Christine Poole who drove from Sheffield with her husband. Christine has been involved with EG at all levels, including nationally. She talked about how important it is for us to connect with other branches. We all have a shared interest in embroidery and we can only gain by meeting with and talking to others.

We had a delicious afternoon tea, after which Christine cut the birthday cake .

A very pleasant way to spend the afternoon !

A huge Thank You has to go to Newcastle’s committee for working so hard to make the afternoon a success.

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Many Congratulations to Hazel !



This beautiful piece of embroidery, entitled ‘ Flower Burst ‘ was designed and stitched by our very own Hazel McEwan.

She brought it to Regional Day on May 20th, and entered it into the Olga Stokes Competition whose theme was ‘ Darkness and Light ‘.

Hazel was awarded First Prize.

Here is Hazel, (left ) being presented with her Prize-Winner’s Cup by Victoria MacLeod, our Regional Chairman.

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Saturday, May 27th

We enjoyed a really interesting talk from Kate Jackson , entitled ‘ Book-binding ‘.

Kate is based in Northumberland, and loves to make things with paper and cloth.

She’d brought with her all sorts of books, of all sizes, made by using all kinds of techniques such as Coptic binding and Japanese stab stitch.

Some books she could make very quickly, yet others might take a day to complete.

She uses them for shopping lists, to collect samples for larger pieces of work, as well as travel journals, packed full of photos and leaflets.

We all like to hang on to lovely greeting cards, so why not make them into a book ?

Kate was very easy to listen to, and she had lots of books for us to look at.

So instead of buying notebooks from the High Street, in future we’ll be making our own !

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Tutor Sheila Greenhalgh showed us how to make an embroidered paperweight at our February workshop.IMG_4247

You’ll find out more about the workshop, and see more photos on our Workshops page.

Find out more (in Recent Meetings) about our fantastic afternoon on Sat. Feb. 18, when Helen Poremba from Felton in Northumberland brought her collection of beautiful, old sewing machines as well as lots of her amazing work to our branch meeting.

We all loved it !


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2017 gets off to a good start for Marie, when she wins the Beattie-Harper Competition.


Marie Trippett, on the left, holding her winning embroidery in January , 2017

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We were the first, original group of EG to be formed in the North-East , and this year, we will celebrate our 65th birthday with an exhibition.

We have about 40 members with a very varied range of interests in sewing.

Visitors are more than welcome to come along to our meetings.

Some of our members have had work on display at Wallington Hall to celebrate the birth of Capability Brown

You can see some of our work in our Exhibitions page.


Here you can see work in our Inspired by Nature exhibition showing a wide variety of techniques from traditional to modern. The small squares were made by members who were given a small piece of fabric and asked to design and sew an insect.