Welcome to Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Embroiderers’ Guild

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in embroidery, you are very welcome to attend our meetings.

If you wish to learn, we will do what we can to help you.

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We wish everyone a very Happy New Year !

And hope that everyone continues to enjoy their sewing,

learns new skills and broadens their horizons.

Happy Stitching !

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On Saturday, January 18th, we’ll be enjoying our New Year Lunch.

For more information, please go to our Meetings page.

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We’ve had very sad news at our Newcastle branch.

Only a few weeks ago, we reported on our AGM, and told you that our Annual Members’ Competition had been won by Sheila Armstrong.

Sheila wasn’t well enough to attend that meeting.

Very sadly, she died a few weeks later.

You might like to read the following words, written by Jean, our secretary, who was also Sheila’s close friend.

Sadly, Sheila died on 3rd November after a short stay in a hospice.

Sheila had not only been a member of Newcastle Branch but had also been a member of Whitley Bay and Ponteland, where she was Chairman for a number of years. She had also served on the Regional Committee.

She attended every Spring School (apart from one when it had been over-subscribed), and every Summer School at Wooler. Sheila would have a go at anything even though she didn’t like to get ‘messy’, but her real love was traditional embroidery. Always attending the Regional Day, she was the first winner of the ‘Margaret Howe Trophy’ and won the Branch ‘Member’s Choice on many an occasion. The amount of work she stitched put us all to shame. Whenever we had a branch project Sheila always did twice as many as everyone else. She was so generous with her books and threads—-Sheila always had what any of us wanted and willingly gave it. To save the Branch money she would often take a workshop.

We could always count on Sheila to make new members welcome and share her knowledge with them.

Sheila supported the Guild as a whole and was proud to be a member—-as one member said ‘she was a stalwart of the Guild’. She always had an opinion but was able to stand up and put into words what most of were thinking anyway. There was always a card of thanks for the committee after they had organised a celebration or an event.

Being a prolific reader Sheila had a fantastic knowledge of lots of subjects. Travelling abroad with her husband increased that interest and having a terrific memory she could talk on any of those subjects.

Sheila will leave a big hole not only in the Newcastle Branch, but in the wider family of the Guild—-we have lost a good friend.

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We held our AGM on Saturday , Sept. 21st.

It was a busy afternoon , and you can read more about it on our                      Recent Meetings page.  However, our Members’ Choice Competition deserves to be mentioned here on the front page.

The main part of the agenda was our annual Members’ Choice competition. We had more entries to choose from than in previous years, which was encouraging, and in a wide range of styles.


The winner was Sheila Armstrong , with this beautiful piece of embroidery.

You can see the other entries on our Competitions page.
















































































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